Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Report of the sheltered housing protest, Hendon Town Hall, 19 May

I'm posting a few pictures from the protest tonight outside Hendon Town Hall, against Barnet council's proposal to cut the sheltered housing wardens. The occasion was Barnet council's annual meeting, a ticket-only affair, with a mere dozen members of the public admitted as witnesses.

Inside, Brian Coleman was sworn in as the new mayor, and immediately dignified his office by having a go at Barnet's handful of bloggers whom he accused of disparaging councillors, council officers, etc. Someone tell the first citizen of Barnet that it's called democracy. We only report what happens. If you don't want people to read bad things about you, Mayor Coleman, don't do bad things.

Outside, a group of elderly residents from sheltered housing schemes in the borough and their relatives and supporters gathered, we numbered about 80 at the height of the protest. A small delegation went into the town hall to present a petition with more than 1,600 signatures on it to the outgoing mayor John Marshall.

The campaign continues: campaign meeting next week, email wardens@barnettuc.org.uk for details. Date for your diary: Barnet council cabinet meeting on Monday 8 June that will take the decision on whether or not to cut the wardens and the Welfare Rights Unit.

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