Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Barnet's Tory councillors close ranks

I've just read Lib Dem Councillor Duncan Macdonald's blogpost about the Cabinet meeting last night, and about a meeting of Hadley residents he went to afterwards where the Conservative councillors "intimated that they were not keen on the decision" to cut the sheltered housing wardens.

It reminded me to post something about the email I sent to all the Conservative councillors on Sunday evening, an 11th hour request to them to think again about the proposed cut. (Roger Tichborne has published the email on his blog The Barnet Eye.)

I didn't have any replies at all to that email, except one, an Out of Office AutoReply from Councillor Terence Burton which said:
Sorry, but I am currently away and unable to read or answer e-mails, I am with the Veterans & schoolchildren in Normandy for the 65th Anniversary of D-Day Commemorations until June 10th.

God Bless them and thank them for what they did for ALL of us!
Rather ironic. It would be nice to hear from Councillor Burton on his return - whether he thinks the cuts to sheltered housing are an appropriate sign of our gratitude. But I expect he will be keeping as mum as the rest of the Conservative councillors.

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