Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Sheltered housing demonstration tomorrow, what shall I wear?

See you in front of the Palace of Westminster tomorrow, hopefully, for the national demonstration to defend sheltered housing. Assemble 12.30 in Parliament Square, for a short march up Whitehall to a spot by Downing Street. A delegation, led by Joan Bakewell, will hand in a letter to the Prime Minister calling for him to intervene to stop the national decimation of sheltered housing.

Kingsley Court sheltered housing residents from Barnet have been on the TV news this morning and this evening, giving Barnet council a pasting for their decision to axe the wardens. Alas, Barnet council leader Mike Freer won't have been watching "GMTV" to see it, as I understand he hates daytime television even more than he hates being ill with the flu!

It is great that, finally, this issue is getting something approaching the national attention it deserves. I'm going to get an early night as there is a small chance that I myself will have to go to a studio tomorrow morning. I am dreading my 15 minutes of fame... if it comes tomorrow, at least it will be in a good cause.

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Rog T said...


In answer to the "what shall I wear". I'd suggest the Uma Thurman yellow catsuit from Kill Bill. That'll look good on telly !

Seriously though, good luck. I'm really sorry I can't be there with you guys.