Sunday, 18 October 2009

Frank Field hoist by his own petard

I am quite enjoying the story about Frank Field protesting his innocence of involvement in the MPs' expenses scandal and refusing to pay back some of the money he received. You can read about it here.

I'm sure Field IS quite innocent. It is just nice to see him being unjustly accused of being a benefits scrounger, as his late political career has been built on berating the feckless, cosseted children of the welfare state. A modern-day Samuel Smiles.


Don't Call Me Dave said...

I just looked up Samuel Smiles on Google. It says he was a strict Cameronian. Priceless!

vickim57 said...

Don't be confused, gentle readers, a glance at Wikipedia will tell you that the Cameronians in question were "a seventeenth-century religious group in Scotland named for its leader, Richard Cameron".

If you can be bothered to delve any further, good luck to you!

Rog T said...

Frank Field has always struck me as the Labour Parties version of John Redwood. I get the feeling that he'd feel far more at home on the planet Vulcan than on Earth.

I once saw him on a program and he said something along the lines of "Economics is very simple. There are lots of numbers and if they all add up, you are doing your job properly" This pearl of wisdom completely stopped all of the other panellists dead in their tracks and they changed the subject.

Apparently he tried this one on Gordon Brown when Labour first got in. Brown wasn't too impressed and knobbled him.

Mr Spock would approve of our Frank.