Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Danger! Educated Gypsy, and Other Wonderful Books I'll Never Get the Time to Read

Just up the road from Barnet in Hatfield is the University of Hertfordshire. I have just been reminded that it has a department of Romani Studies.

Read some warm words about the Department and indeed the University's publications department:
"You could... do a lot worse than buying the entire back catalogue of the University of Hertfordshire Press, a tiny but valiant publishing house which is the main source of Romani Studies in this country. They publish works by many of the acknowledged world experts: Ian Hancock, Thomas Acton and Donald Kenrick among them and a fascinating array of books by Roma people themselves."

Louise Doughty, Independent on Sunday
I am editing a trade catalogue which lists publishers' forthcoming titles. The work from a mechanical point of view is dull, but the subject matter interesting. If only I didn't have to work so hard I would have time to read some of these fascinating titles! (Let's not forget that these fascinating titles represent someone else's work.)

Among many fantastic looking sociology titles, Danger! Educated Gypsy by Ian Hancock looks like a good read.

Next time Brian Coleman starts on about travellers, we might have more ammunition for our arguments with him.

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