Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Colindale spring


Among the potholes we are still hoping to see fixed (well, the election has passed now so perhaps we should expect progress on this front to slow down) is the one on Colindale Avenue.

I am now calling this the Colindale spring, as the hole is due to the road collapsing on top of a leaking stopcock under the tarmac, and the pothole is full of water. Veolia dug the road up once (at least) and fiddled around under there, but they didn't fix the problem, which worsens each day.

The unfortunate people living next to the Colindale spring have their car splashed with dirty water every time a bus or car drives through the puddle. And, as you can see from these pictures, pedestrians must run the gauntlet every time they pass it. Fortunately, I suppose, the road is one lane at the moment, as the road is also being dug up outside Colindale station (this will last for several months). This means that people do at least have a minute to run for it while the lights at one end are red, and before the traffic from the other end arrives.

P.S. I would like to propose to the local Labour councillors that they get along to the Colindale spring and have their photos taken for the local paper. Then they could also appear on the fantastic Glum Councillors website. An opportunity is going begging.


Mrs Angry said...

Got to admit to being disappointed by this blog - seeing the title 'Colindale Spring', I thought it might be about some sort of peoples' uprising in defiance of the Soviet style easyBarnet dictatorship. Shame.

Citizen Barnet said...

That will surely come.

Mrs Angry said...

I sincerely hope so. But then look what happened to the Prague spring. Oh dear.

Citizen Barnet said...

But look 20 or so years further on, and Colindale too could become a popular destination for hen and stag parties... (to stretch an analogy too far...)

Rog T said...

Bloody cheek of these women. My Stag Party ended in Burnt Oak and that was 15 years ago !

Mrs Angry said...

Was it in Stag Lane?
I've just seen the Glum Councillors website and have't laughed so much this early in the morning since Margaret Thatcher resigned.Brilliant: surely this site deserves better publicity, and we must have plenty of material in Barnet?