Thursday, 3 March 2011

Guest blog: The Spin Speech

By Ron Cohen

The wavering was between "The King's Speech" and "Black Swan". Not much of a choice, is it? But thinking of Natalie Portman again, that whatever part she plays reminds me of a doughnut wheeled over the big screen. So it was the King.

And we have a king, entangled in anxieties, his upbringing and stutter, but convinced that the faith of a nation depends on a thread of saliva hanging from the tip of his tongue.

All his efforts are concentrated on bringing himself to make this fateful speech. We watched these herculean efforts of a man convinced in his destiny but we can't avoid thinking of the Spin Speech.

David Cameron, facing the spring of nations in the Middle East. David Cameron standing like Ali Baba in front of the Kuwaiti Parliament, preaching democracy and human rights, that the people of the Middle East are “hungry for political and economic freedom”, and that "violence is never an answer to people's legitimate aspirations,” while behind him standing the 40 arms dealers he brought with him, waiting for the chit chat to finish so they can go to their business – selling arms to the most oppressive regimes in the region. His audience can hardly hide the smiles and Cameron can hardly hide the winks.

In his deepest of his heart he's sure he can do much better. Just given the chance he would deliver a Churchillian speech. Facing the overwhelmed nation he would say “We will cut them on the forests, we will cut them on the benefits, we will cut their social housing, and we will cut their elderlies and youngsters.” But all he is facing is Ed Miliband. Not very inspirational challenge for the Big One. And, anyway, all Ed would say is OK, but later.

But Cameron's poverty of speech is inspirational for his lessers in Barnet. Obviously, they don't understand the subtleties of his speech, and like the 40 dealers are waiting to go straight to the business.

Democracy? According to Hillan: “Democratic services and the monitoring officer employed the security for the meeting.” So now we know. The role of the democratic services is to prevent the residents from participating in the democratic process. And it makes perfect sense; after all, if cabinet meetings are “not a place for discussion” so why should the full council be bothered with that?

And after finishing with the niceties of the speeches they went straight to the business. Never mind the public, it's only an ornament and, anyway, no one is listening.

And while the residents were manhandled all over the place, pushed and shoved, the Labour councillors remain seated, chained and locked to their seats. Isn't it really a source of inspiration? Of a successful direct action? An heroic resistance to the Tories' intimidations? Next time we must imitate them. We'll come with our own chains and locks.

By the way, one of the hooligans in black appeared to be an Israeli. Makes one wonder then, if all this emigration thing was worth the trouble.


Don't Call Me Dave said...

Appeared to be an Israeli? Do tell: did he have dark skin? Talk with a funny accent, perhaps? What a crock of shit!

Citizen Barnet said...

Yeah, he probably had an Israeli accent. Seeing that Ron was manhandled by a bunch of these guys at the meeting, he probably knows more about it than we do. And Ron is from Israel.

Ron said...

actually a blond guy (why do you assume that israelis have dark skin?) spook hebrew.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

I don’t assume that all Israelis have dark skin - I was making the point that you said this guy appeared to be Israeli without giving any evidence to support your claim, or suggest why this was in any way relevant.

David Duff said...

Ron, in that long meandering monologue managed, in true socialist tradition, to share his snidery equally amongst everyone, except, I was beginning to think as I reached the end, amazingly the bloody Jews have got away with it - not a mention! I mean, every Left-winger these days give the Jews a kicking, it's almost a Freudian (another Jew) reflex, so how come they were getting off. But then, finally, Ron did his socialist stuff and put the boot in with the sort of sly, vicious expertise that real "ruffians" in black used to do with such relish 'back in the day', or should that be, back in 'der Tag'?

Rog T said...

Mr Puff,

As you are the expert on long boring, meandering and totally pointless monologs, I am pleased to see a long, boring, meandering and totally pointless comment from you. Well done

Ron said...

read it again, and couldn't spot any jew. where did you get it from?

Ron said...

do you mean Natalie Portman? but it is on the first line, or you are reading backwards.

Ron said...

seems that a clarification is needed.
the last paragraph is a bit of irony. after years of confronting the israeli police, private guards working for the settlers, military, boarder policy and warders, i migrated to the UK only to be kicked around by an israeli private guard.
finally, david duff, your style is brilliant, but has no point.

Citizen Barnet said...

Well, I'm glad that's sorted out and we can all be friends again. Jeez!

Moaneybat said...


You should know, you seem to be the British version of one from back in der tag, your old dad must be turning in his grave

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Thank you for clarifying your comment. With respect, I think you should have said “sounded like an Israeli” rather than “appeared to be…” because without context it came across as inflammatory.

The real issue here is the outrageous decision of the council to waste money on burly security guards. Their nationality is irrelevant.

Rog T said...


There was far more to it than just the waste of money. Black shirted security forces pushing well behaved residents around is a massive issue. There was nothing to warrant it. There was no indication at all of violent disorder and the type of people who were beinge xcluded from the meeting were Mr Reasonable (John Dix) and the very reasonable Unisopn Sec John Burgess