Thursday, 19 January 2012

Mayor's media partner mugs Boris

One of the interesting sidelines of the TalkLondon event on Tuesday night was that it had a media partner. A what? A media partner, in this case, a news website called London24.

I'm not sure I'm happy with the whole concept - this private company gets something in return for being involved in what is a publicly funded event, and ostensibly part of the democratic process.

There was a big screen up behind the panel on the evening, projecting the proceedings so that people at the back could see. As we filed in at the start of the evening, there was a slide show of Johnson's "achievements" in office. With media partners we are on a slippery slope. Why not also project some adverts onto the screen during the breaks? Why not allow product placement? The panel could have been made to at least pretend to drink Coca-Cola throughout.

Brian Coleman could wear one of those vulgar waistcoats like the snooker players do, with some big, ugly logos stitched on. "The Haven", Whetstone; Harvey Nichols; the Methodist Church... all might see some value in helping to get Coleman elected. (And then again...)

While it contains some factual inaccuracies, London24's report of the evening - fairly - spins rather against Johnson. It begins:
Talk London saw Mayor Boris Johnson get a grilling from Barnet residents at the Met Police’s Peel Centre, last night (Tuesday)....
The full article is here.

P.S. The Guardian website today has a critical item on Barnet's parking policy.

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baarnett said...

London24 is the media arm of Archant, which published the Ham&High and other local newspapers.

The London24 report certainly wasn't sychophantic towards Boris, although the journalist clearly wasn't very knowledgable about local issues.