Thursday, 1 March 2012

A real lifeline thrown to Friern Barnet library

Barnet council's scrutiny committee last night voted to refer back the decision to close Friern Barnet library to the next Cabinet meeting on 4 April, and recommended that the library stay open at least until the promised replacement is up and running at the Arts Depot. The library had been due to close on 31 March! Rams was just about persuaded to keep the library open until 4 April until its fate is revisited!

This is a real lifeline, unlike the one Robert Rams pretended to throw the library campaigners when he asked them to work up a community proposal to keep the library open - he summarily dismissed their proposal.

Let's keep up the pressure!

Mrs Angry has a report of the scrutiny committee meeting. The Save Friern Barnet Library campaign's announcement is below:
Dear all,

I am delighted to be able to report that at last night's Business Management Overview and Scrutiny Committee, the Committee members voted to send the report back to Cabinet for further consideration, with the recommendation that the Cabinet keep Friern Barnet Library open until such time as comparable facilities are available at the Arts Depot. The decision by Committee members was unanimous.

Thank you to everyone who came along to show support last night - we were certainly heard! Thank you as well to everyone who submitted questions and emailed Councillors. These emails really did make a difference as several members of the Committee commented on the amount of correspondence that they had received from concerned residents and assured us that our concerns had been noted. I'd also like to thank our three ward Councillors, Cllr Kate Salinger, Cllr Barry Rawlings and Cllr Pauline Coakley-Webb, who have supported us thoughout the campaign and helped to make last night's decision possible.

It should be noted that the Scrutiny Commitee have sent the report back to Cabinet with a strong recommendation, however, Cabinet do not have to follow this recommendation. The Cabinet will meet on 4 April, at which these issues will be discussed. Cllr Robert Rams, after much persuasion, has agreed that Friern Barnet Library will not shut before the meeting on 4 April.

It is important that we keep up the pressure and continue to show the Council how much our library means to the community.

Finally a massive thank you to everyone who has supported our campaign.

Best regards,

Fiona Cochrane
Chair, Save Friern Barnet Library Group


Facebook: Save Our Friern Barnet Library

Twitter: @savefriernbtlib



Ben said...

Hi Vicki - I know you signed up to our mailing list via our website, are you receiving our updates directly? We are in the middle of moving over to a new mailing list system, slowly but surely, sorry if you're not receiving our emails!

Citizen Barnet said...

Hello, Ben,

I don't think I am getting updates. I usually spot things on Twitter or Facebook.