Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Brunswick Park by election Thursday: help Labour get their vote out

If you want to help the Labour Party get their vote out in Brunswick Park ward on Thursday (31st May), please see the notice from them below.

This work is quite easy and even enjoyable; you are basically chasing up people who have been canvassed and said they will vote Labour. You don't have to persuade anyone on the doorstep!

You do need to be mobile (able to walk about fairly quickly) for 'knocking up', as it's called. But if you can offer other help, I suggest you give them a call.
Tomorrow's Polling Day: We need you!  
Please come along and support Andreas Ioannidis in tomorrow's election.  
Brunswick Park was very close in the GLA election, with 51 votes keeping Labour from winning the list vote.  
Please come and support our effort tomorrow and make sure we turn out the votes. 
Election Day: 31st May 
9am till 10pm, Labour Party Office, 104 East Barnet Road, EN4 8RE 
Contact the Agent: Mark Ferguson: 07545 312 954 

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