Wednesday, 20 June 2012

One Barnet looming disaster - read all about it!

The new issue of Our Barnet, the Barnet Alliance's newspaper is out now.

You can read it online over at their website.

I am the (sort of) publicity officer for the Alliance. The Alliance's small publicity team and I will post articles from the paper onto the website over the next few days.

With just months to go until major decisions in the autumn, the paper features, as you would expect, Barnet council's privatisation plan One Barnet, and the articles are, as you would expect, heavily critical.

If you would like a paper copy instead, please email

Read it, think about it, let us know what you think. Tell your friends, neighbours and colleagues about the paper. It's made to be read and discussed by all Barnet residents! Thanks.

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David Duff said...

Oh God, I don't know how you stand the excitement of living in Barnet, Gateway to, er, nowhere, actually!