Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Barnet Tories stop pretending they will build a landmark library at Arts Depot

Just got this press release from Barnet Council Labour group. It's as we suspected all along, there were no serious plans to open a 'landmark library' at the Arts Depot. Barnet Tories lose yet more credibility. In the meantime, Friern Barnet residents still need your support to save their library.
Following the announcement by Cabinet Member Cllr Robert Rams that he has dropped the plan to build a Landmark Library at the artsdepot, Labour's Libraries Spokesperson, Cllr Anne Hutton said:

“The Tories' library policy is in complete chaos. They closed Friern Barnet Library under the pretence of 'merging' it into this Landmark Library at the artsdepot, which now is not going to take place. They have wasted thousands of pounds on a temporary Library at the artsdepot, and on a feasibility study, and although Cllr Rams says he will now invest in North Finchley Library there is very little space to do so because the upper floor is used as an outreach children’s centre. Cllr Rams also states that local people want a Library at Friary House – but nobody knows who he is talking about, because all the Library campaigners I know think this site is completely unsuitable. The whole thing is an omnishambles.”


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