Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Protest against One Barnet, Thursday 6 December

Not time to say much more than I'm protesting against the One Barnet programme tomorrow - twice! Please join me!

Residents say ‘no’ to outsourcing of our Council services!
We invite you to join our protests:

Thursday 6 December: 7.30-9am, North London Business Park,
Oakleigh Road South/Brunswick Park Road, N11.
“Don’t let Capita in!” protest at the site of Barnet Council’s main offices.


Thursday 6 December: 5.30-6.30pm, Hendon Town Hall, the Burroughs, NW4.
Protest at Town Hall ahead of the Cabinet’s meeting (7pm) to decide whether to approve an outsourcing contract with Capita worth at least £320 million.

We are protesting on the day that the Cabinet of Barnet Council decides whether to approve an outsourcing contract for back office services and a call centre, with the multinational outsourcing company Capita. The contract is worth at least £320 million.

This contract is part of the One Barnet Programme (OBP). Under OBP most of Barnet Council services will transfer to outsourcing giants such as Capita, whose main skill is winning contracts and who only exist to make profits for shareholders. We think this is wrong!

Barnet Council wants to outsource on a scale never attempted before in local government. All over the UK councils are backing out of similar schemes, as they go wrong or the risks become clearer.

But here in Barnet the Council wants to go ahead with a scheme they have no mandate for and which they have refused to discuss with residents.

In the process they will make at least 200 Barnet workers redundant, and force residents to phone a call-centre in another part of the country when they want to contact the Council.

Please show your opposition! Please join our protest! *

Sign the petition calling for Barnet residents to decide the future of our services:

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