Monday, 14 January 2013

Lawyers issue JR proceedings against Barnet Council over One Barnet

I've been very busy with work and personal affairs lately, so am only rather belatedly posting this news about the next stage in Maria Nash's legal challenge - one of two - to Barnet Council's "One Barnet" privatisation programme.

This is how Barnet Alliance for Public Services reported the news on 10 January:
Barnet Alliance for Public Services is happy to hear that Steel & Shamash Solicitors, acting on behalf of Barnet resident Maria Nash, have today issued proceedings against Barnet Council, Capita PLC, EC Harris LLP, and Capita Symonds Ltd.

Ms Nash seeks a judicial review of the Council’s decision to award the contract for the “New Support and Customer Services Organisation” or “NSCSO” to Capita plc, and of the Council’s impending decision to award the “Development and Regulatory Services” or “DRS” contract, to either Capita Symonds Ltd or EC Harris LLP. Maria Nash said:  
“Despite being involved in local issues, including being engaged in the political process in relation to issues that affect me, I have not been consulted, either individually or as a member of any of the local bodies or interest groups with which I am associated. I have been desperately concerned about the impact of the NSCSO and DRS on me and others, especially the vulnerable such as the elderly, disabled or young. What I would like to see is proper meaningful engagement with stakeholders before a decision is made to outsource services to a private company.”
And here some more details of the grounds of the case for Judicial Review.

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