Wednesday, 29 May 2013

For one month only

Hello, remember me? I used to be one of the Barnet bloggers, but for the past couple of months, owing to perturbations in my personal life, I have been peripatetic, a nomad.

However, for the next month I am house-sitting in East Finchley. So if you see me in unfamiliar places that is the reason!

I am living not far from Martin School which, for one term, was the first school I attended, way back in... 1969, or was it 1970?!

For anyone who has always lived in the area, or indeed has always lived in any area, which infant school someone attended is not remotely commentworthy. But, for me, winding up here, next to this, rather than any other, infant school, seems like a happy and remarkable coincidence. And, if nothing else, it certainly makes a pleasant change from Burnt Oak!

For one month only, possibly, therefore, I'm back!


Unknown said...

It's a positive sign, a renaissance. x

Citizen Barnet said...

LaB, I've so been looking forward to canvassing for you in Hale (you are 'out' aren't you?). I don't think I'll be around to do it now, though. I would have given it my all! (And I have a lot to give!)