Saturday, 24 January 2009

"I wish I'd thought of that" - Essex County Council outsourcing

We've rightly bemoaned the lack of consultation there has been over Barnet council's plans to privatise large parts of the council services through their Future Shape programme. But imagine living in Essex, where Tory-run Essex County Council is seeking tenders for a £5.4bn contract to provide services over eight years. The first that the council unions or Labour opposition (Lib-Dems are backing the proposal) knew of this plan was when they read the tender notice in the EU Official Journal.

There are probably a few Tory politicians in Barnet wishing they had been so audacious in their contempt for democracy. Mike Freer, believe it or not, is a long way down the list of Top Nasty Tories, and still has much to learn.

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