Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Barnet councillor blogs - No.1 in an occasional series: Sachin Rajput

I was thinking about Sachin Rajput who featured so heavily in last night's Barnet council cabinet meeting. He has been selected as Conservative GLA candidate for Harrow and Brent for the election in 2012. We'd be sorry to see you go, Sachin, in the unlikely event that you won. Oh, I've just remembered, Barnet councillors can easily manage to juggle the demands of serving Barnet residents and representing two boroughs at the Greater London Assembly at the same time (cf Brian Coleman - I wonder how he does it!).

I've got a new hobby, then, showcasing Barnet councillors' blogs. And this, readers, is councillor Rajput's personal blog. It bears many of the hallmarks of the man himself. Flashy, not unattractive, and very, very lumbering in the prose. I should be careful what I say: he is a martial arts expert! Hi-ya!


Don't Call Me Dave said...

I have previously blogged about Cllr Rajput here:


If he is as good a martial arts instructor as he is a councillor, you have nothing to worry about!

Citizen Barnet said...

Thanks, David. Rajput's blog still needs updating as all the pictures of Tory dignitaries refer to them as the 'shadow' this, that or the other.

I reckon he'll get a social media makeover soon.

Anonymous said...

Brent and Harrow GLA: It seems unlikely that Labour's Navin Shah AM will be defeated if he stands again.

From being Harrow Council Leader, Shah stayed on as a Harrow councillor, when he displaced Brent Tory Leader Bob Blackman at the GLA, in 2008. Blackman became an MP last year.

Mrs Angry said...

not unattractive? Vicki: you spent far too long at that meeting ... ora re you trying to make David Duff jealous?

Mr Mustard said...

The blog seems to have ground to a halt; there is only a holding page there now.