Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy new fares increase!

If you are heading back to work tomorrow, enjoy the new, higher fare you will pay to get there - assuming you are not in a car, in which case you will have your own axes to grind!

Travellers on London transport will pay 5.6% more on average. The increase would have been even greater but for a scramble by central government to find £136 million to bung Boris Johnson's way.

If you think these fare increases are unreasonable the charity Campaign for Better Transport has several suggestions for things you can do tomorrow to let the government know. And you could also tell Johnson at the TalkLondon event on 17 January.

Fare increases and exorbitant parking charges. A perfect crapstorm for Barnet residents! Don't stand for it!

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baarnett said...

Let us see if Mr Duff is prepared to comment on a more bread-and-butter issue like this.

I believe though that for every £10 from a passenger, the tax-payer pays £6 towards a train fare.