Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Daniel Thomas's gross irresponsibility toward Barnet council staff

An astonishing story in the Barnet Press today. Having reassured Barnet council staff transferring to Barnet Homes, the arms-length management organisation that runs Barnet's social housing, that their jobs were safe for a year, Deputy Leader (!) councillor Daniel Thomas has now done a volte face - about-face.

He admits that the 76 staff involved have no guarantees they will keep their jobs after 2 April. Seeking to excuse himself from making this gross error Thomas says:
"I have to apologise to staff, the statement was prepared quickly and officers did not check with HR before issuing it.

"Although pension rights are protected and terms and conditions are protected for one year, there is no guarantee that there will be no redundancies - just as there can be no such guarantee for staff remaining within the council."
Good news all round then!

Let's imagine that Thomas was not trying to hoodwink staff before, that his words were sincere. Why, then, the man's a fool! Does he realise the effect of his words? Does he realise how anxious people are about jobs at the moment?

And what about that threat of redundancies?

Any cuts in the number of staff delivering council services in future will mean worse services for residents and worse working lives for those still in post. Remember, too, that the One Barnet Programme, of which this transfer to Barnet Homes is part, will take our taxes and give them to private companies for profits. That is a scandal to add to the scandal that Thomas's "slip-up" represents!

Oppose One Barnet privatisation! Read the full Barnet Press report here.

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