Monday, 30 July 2012

Oppose One Barnet privatisation? Sign here!

Following Helen Michael's recent performance in the Barnet council chamber, when she spoke against Barnet's damaging parking policies, the Barnet Alliance for Public Services has launched its own petition. We aim to collect 7,000 signatures, which would enable us to trigger a council debate on its One Barnet privatisation plan.

The text of the petition is:
Hands off our Barnet! Stop the One Barnet Programme petition

We, residents of Barnet, are alarmed at the council's plan known as the ONE BARNET PROGRAMME, to hand over our public services to private for-profit companies. We call for an immediate stop to these measures until the issue is put to the electorate in the form of a simple YES or NO referendum on the ONE BARNET PROGRAMME.

We are collecting signatures on paper, but also online on the council's own e-petitions website. Please sign today and share the link:


David Duff said...

Was there "a simple YES or NO referendum" when all these activities were taken over by local government?

Mrs Angry said...

what a silly remark, Duff ... no, because these functions have either been adopted over a long period of time, or did not exist before local government as we know it came into being ... and clearly there was never a comparable point when 70% of these functions were scooped up in one go by councils ...