Thursday, 8 November 2012

Richard Cornelius faces public over One Barnet tonight

There has a been a steady clamour of rising anger about Barnet Council's One Barnet outsourcing plan, in spite of the administration's determination that "no one is interested in how services are delivered".

To try and make their prognostication true, they didn't tell anyone about it.

So we had to: bloggers, Barnet council unions, residents, organised through the Barnet Alliance for Public Services. And our weapons of information are becoming more sophisticated, eg, the wonderful cartoon by Azi Khatiri, feat. the voice and words of John "Mr Reasonable" Dix.

Finally, even Conservative Council Leader Richard Cornelius could not refuse to face the public over the plan. Perhaps hoping to fob BAPS off when they collared him at a councillors' surgery recently, he promised to speak at a public meeting. We finally pinned him down to a date, and... it's TONIGHT!

Cornelius had a say in who else was on the panel for this 'Question Time' format meeting; I tend to think that it's as well he did, for we started out with about 8 speakers and now, at Cornelius's insistence, there are a manageable 4.
'Our Barnet' Question Time  
7-9pm, Greek Cypriot Centre, 2 Britannia Road, London N12. Nearest tube: Woodside Park on the Northern Line (High Barnet branch).  
Cllr Richard Cornelius, Conservative Leader of Barnet Council  
Cllr Alison Moore, Leader of Barnet Labour Group  
Cllr Jack Cohen, Leader of Barnet Liberal Democrats Group  
Andy Mudd, public services expert, Association for Public Service Excellence  
The chair will be BAPS member Barbara Jacobson*.
Please come and play your part in this exciting event! Entry is free.

* Barbara is the most 'fair-minded' of all BAPS members. She is the person who tells the rest of us off for heckling during Council meetings, and we have all come to appreciate her rigorous style when she chairs BAPS meetings.

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