Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Future Shape: it IS pear-shaped

From this to this. And it took them a whole 7 months.

The Leader's report on 'Future Shape' to the Cabinet of 6 May 2008 ("The Future Organisation of the Council") was, from my point of view, a politically worrying document, but fairly coherent. The latest report, "Future Shape of the Council", which is what they will discuss at the Cabinet on Tuesday 3 December, is full of management speak, muddy, and downright sinister in places.

Have a look for yourself. I hope to cover some points from it in the next few days.

This Saturday 29th November, join or visit one of the trades council's public stalls informing the public about Future Shape:
10.00-11.30am - outside Chipping Barnet library
Please note: the stall previously advertised for Whetstone Waitrose is not now going ahead - unless someone else would like to organise one! Please get in touch: publicity@barnettuc.org.uk.
10.30-11.30am - outside Tesco, Burnt Oak
11.00am-12 noon - outside Tesco, Finchley Central

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