Friday, 28 November 2008

Hold the front page

Mike Freer has told the local Times newspaper: “The Future Shape model has been prepared in consultation with our staff and users to see how we can deliver our services better." Tell that to... well, staff and users, and I think they would laugh in his face.

The council might be regretting its decision not to inform residents about what is going on, because the only people who ARE providing information are Barnet trades council (Barnet TUC) and, in the first place, the council unions (eg, Barnet Unison).

We have been getting a lot of coverage in the local press and this week a front page (well, you know, once you've taken the advertising wrapper off, but those are the times we are living in):

Times series, Thurs 27 Nov: "Privatisation looms?"

Other reports this week:
Barnet and Whetstone Press, Thurs 27 Nov: "Fears of privatisation of council services..." and "Unions suspicious of motives..."

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