Monday, 1 December 2008

Unions respond to latest Future Shape report

The councils unions' response to the latest Future Shape report is here.

It has been prepared by Professor Dexter Whitfield, of the European Services Strategy Unit.

It has been said that we are getting a lot more value for money from our consultant than Barnet council is getting from theirs - PricewaterhouseCoopers!

The unions are providing sound and relevant information, that is readable, and available for all to see. Let's see if the council deign to respond to this. So far they have not responded to any of the briefings that the unions have produced.

Union briefings here:
Response to the latest Future Shape report
Briefing 1 'Assessment of Strategic Hub proposals'
Briefing 2 'Public service principles and values'
Briefing 3 'Trade unions submit Employment Charter'
Briefing 4 'Barnet to review their staffing contracts'
Briefing 5 'In house transformation'
Briefing 6 'The "shrinking by outsourcing" models - implications for staff'


Rog T said...


If I were Mike Freer I'd hire the good professor and get him to train up the young whippersnappers who wrote the Council briefing.

His report is intelligent, well put together and coherent. It doesn't have the feel of a scheme conceived over one too many bottle of Bollinger after a heavy night in Boston.

Citizen Barnet said...

You're right, Rog. I enjoyed your latest post on Freer, BT et al. But enough of this mutual back-slapping - I have a leaflet to write! I hope you can make it on Wednesday night. Fingers crossed it isn't raining: it's a big ask getting people out on a freezing night in December: hmm, wonder whether Freer et al were counting on that? They are wily, these politicians.