Saturday, 13 December 2008

Death of Oriental City: what a crying shame!

Living in the west of Barnet, I frequently pass Oriental City... or what's left of it. For younger (very young!) readers or those who have never ventured to the west of the borough, where Barnet ends and Brent begins, there is a fair description on Wikipedia of what Oriental City once was all those, oh, six months ago.

Where once there was a thriving community, and a bright spot on the dreary Edgware Road, and one of the few - I don't say the only - places to eat out around Colindale/Burnt Oak, there is now a miserable, boarded up, semi-derelict 'building' site - oh, no! Not another one!

It is another example of the disaster that results when local communities are weaker than the property speculators. The destruction of Oriental City is one of the most destructive acts I have ever witnessed. And, I have to say, to my shame, I stood by and let it happen.

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