Friday, 2 January 2009

Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow... is 2009!

I enjoyed the Christmas messages from the 'great and good' of Barnet published in the Press newspaper at Christmas (25/12/2008).

My favourite was from Brian Coleman: 'Put the worries on hold and try to relax'. I somehow have the feeling he doesn't find it all that hard to do. There's something naive-sounding - or even hypocritical - about his advice, as though he doesn't really need to worry about the same things as most people - and forget concerns about global warming - Brian evidently doesn't have any (or, it would seem, heating bills)! Here are some extracts:

'The credit crunch, rising unemployment and increasing economic gloom have meant uncertainty and worry for many families...

'So this Christmas my advice is to close the front door, turn the heating up and forget the outside world, and celebrate Christmas with family and friends and count your blessings.

'Sadly while we may be in the middle of a bleak midwinter, next year looks bleaker still. As for new year's resolution for both the country and individuals - it should be to reduce debt and live within our means.

'This time of year is a great period for refreshing one's batteries in the long break, so I suggest we all put our feet up, watch our favourite DVDs and worry about our problems in the new year.'

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