Monday, 9 February 2009

TUC, get off your fat behinds

I am back from France where they really know how to organise against a jobs massacre. That said, there also the momentum has come from the grassroots, but even their trade union bureaucrats are not as supine as ours: the British TUC has called a march on jobs, the economic crisis, etc... at the end of March*. In the meantime, they leave trade union activists in construction alone to navigate as best they can between the treacherous banks of nationalism/protectionism and private contractors undermining union agreements while BNP pirates threaten to hijack the fleet... and all in the freezing winds and snow of January/February.

I hope to reflect the employment climate in Barnet at this time, so if anyone has any news/stories, please get in touch c/o the trades council: Thank you.

We used to say 'TUC, get off your knees', to tell them to get some backbone and pride, but I think TUC, get off your fat, lazy behinds is more to the point today. I mean, it's not as if the ideological edifice of capitalism isn't crumbling around us...

* Actually, I am probably being too kind to them even now - the TUC, along with several dozen other organisations, has called a march to coincide with the G20 summit, which, I hear, might be in Watford... hmm... just up the road. Anyway, but for the G20 summit being held on their patch and this march being there for them to piggy-back on, I wonder whether they would have organised anything.

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