Monday, 23 March 2009

Barnet Tories too cowardly to attend sheltered housing meetings

Barnet's Tory councillors have been invited to at least one of the meetings held to consult sheltered housing scheme residents over the proposed axing of the warden service.

Brian Coleman, Richard Cornelius and soon-to-be-ex councillor Caroline Margo are all invited to the consultation meeting on Wednesday night, 25 March, at St Johnstone House. But the indications are they will not take up the invitation. I wonder why that is...

Barnet's Tory councillors should be facing the wrath of the elderly residents in the sheltered housing schemes who are worried about losing their onsite warden service. Instead, they are leaving it to council staff to explain the cuts to residents. It's plain cowardly - if you think this scheme is such a good idea, make the case for it publicly to those who it will affect the most.

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