Friday, 27 March 2009

Put People First tomorrow (or today, if you're reading this on Saturday morning)

The papers are filled with 'news' of the 'riots' being 'planned' for next week around the G20 meeting taking place in London. There are always some protestors who want to lob a brick through a window, and even worse, I know, but I am convinced that most of the people who will descend on the City on Financial Fools' Day are no more dangerous anarchists than the bankers they seek to pillory (whoops!).

In any case, tomorrow, Saturday 28 March, a perfectly peaceful programme of events has been organised by unions and campaigning and religious organisations, called Put People First. I encourage everyone who can to join in. There will be something for almost everyone, including at Central Hall, Westminster a joint church action service at 11am (with music and worship from 10.30am). That means not a lot to me, and I have a down on the Central Hall since I ate a costly and dodgy sandwich in their Wesley's Cafe. But it might be some people's cup of tea...

I will certainly, however, be at at Cleopatra's Needle, Victoria Embankment, at 10.30am, assembling with comrades (if I can use that word) from Barnet trades council and the Barnet Community Campaign, for the march to Hyde Park where we will be richly (if not royally - though by tomorrow who knows) entertained.

I know most Barnet residents put people first every day of their lives - that's normal isn't it? What else would we put first? Profit... (if I can use that word)? But let's make a show of our humanity tomorrow before everything is forgotten in next week's hysteria.

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