Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Another year older, still not making much sense

Blimey, this year has flown by. It seems no time since I was wandering about in the late summer sunshine on Totteridge Lane and missing the astonishing Christmas lights; now they are back again!

Whatever I think about millionaires in general, the plutocrats of Totteridge do put on a good show, and I can only think that they do it for the benefit of passing motorists and bus passengers. If you can travel that way, go and have a look, they are worth the trip.

I spent my birthday mainly pursuing one of my favourite activities - eating. I had sushi and sake in a Japanese restaurant in Angel, cake and coffee in a Lebanese cafe off Oxford Street, and meze and wine in a Greek restaurant in Whetstone, the Lantern.

My mother lived 16 years in Greece, but I'm not an expert in the cuisine, language or anything, as, carelessly, I only visited her every three years or so.

Back home now, across ice, snow and fog. Have you noticed how the cold air is trapping horrible traffic fumes close to the ground, and how all but the main roads are still covered in ice?

And while I am in inconsequential rambling mode, have you noticed the fatal design flaw with the revamped King's Cross underground? Yes, that's right, you have to walk bleedin' miles to get to the trains.

Good night, all!

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