Friday, 4 December 2009

She wasn't as ill as we thought

About nine weeks ago my boyfriend's mother became very ill. She seemed to have some sort of alarmingly rapidly developing dementia, and she went into hospital. It turned out she 'only' had a bladder infection. Apparently, it is common when old people get this for it to have a devastating impact, making it hard for them to move about and making them delirious - if it isn't treated quickly.

Now the NHS has delivered her back to us, restored to health; she is able once more to drive everyone else around the twist (only joking). The episode goes to show how looking after old people at home, usually a job for amateurs, would be easier and safer if carers got a lot more professional training. Rather like new parents caring for an infant, carers learns on the job, but carers are probably much less well prepared than most new parents!

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