Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Freer never fails to offend

Well, he offends me at least in this interview in the Guardian where he 'explains' his easyCouncil plans and manages to call Barnet's Labour councillors 'Stalinists' - which I wouldn't lightly call anyone: does he know what it means?

He also says the council will not bring in fast-tracking of planning applications - 'it's illegal' he insists. Yes, that's right, Freer, but that's what we had to tell you! Don't pretend now that you had nothing to do with the plan - when you were council leader it was your one concrete idea for what easyCouncil would look like!

There is a lot more crap in there, but I'm at work and can't comment more now. Have a read and see what you think. Unfortunately, since Finchley and Golders Green is the most marginal seat in the country, and the incumbent and retiring Labour MP Rudi Vis has not covered himself in glory, Freer is likely to be the next MP and will be hanging around like a bad smell for a lot longer, getting up our noses.

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