Friday, 26 March 2010

A big fat zero - Barnet Tories launch their manifesto

The Times series reports on the launch of Barnet Tories' manifesto for the council elections. The biggest thing they are boasting about is that they will freeze council tax for a further two years. This seems a most rash promise given that they don't know what else they will have to do in the next two years. It seems like an attempt at a big fat bribe to me. And, if you're going to do that, why stop at two years?

On the easyCouncil/Future Shape front, the Tories say:
“We will give you the choice to tailor certain council services to your own needs and offer incentives to those who use fewer Council services.”
Next, they'll be paying us all just to go away!

I give their manifesto a big fat zero. Oh, hang on. According to this picture on the Barnet Tory-loving website London Daily News, I don't need to, because, bizarrely, that is something Barnet's Tories are happy to admit themselves.


Don't Call Me Dave said...

Of course the Labour Party don't believe in bribing us with our own money do they?

vickim57 said...

Yes, yes, they do it too.

Anonymous said...

DCMD is right it is actually the Labour Party's approach to policy to treat our money is there's and expect us to be grateful when they hand it back (after flushing a good chunk of it down the loo in waste).

The Conservative approach is to treat people's money as their own and take only as much as is necessary for services.

Quite shocking to see Labour policies in a Conservative manifesto.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Vicki, as to your comment about the council paying us to go away, as a good Tory I am open to offers!

Rog T said...


Given that three Tory Councillors have got so fed up with barnet that they've emigrated maybe there is already a scheme?