Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Adopt-a-pothole week

It's been fashionable in the last few years to drive around town in a 4x4 (I think they're called). If you don't have one, it's been fashionable to sneer at people who do.

After driving back to Burnt Oak from North Finchley last night, dodging the pot holes, I can suddenly see the point of an off roader. Me and my driver talked the whole way, so I was only half-concentrating, but it dawned on me near the end of our journey that he had spent the entire time steering around potholes. Some of them are complete craters!

Which is your "favourite" pothole? Mine is the trench where Golders Green Crescent joins Golders Green Road. There's also a small, but very annoying one on Colindale Avenue between Colindale tube and Booth Road. Annoying because it fills up with rain and every vehicle that passes sends dirty spray up onto the pavement.

Barnet council's "FixMyStreet" website, where residents can report potholes and other street repairs needed, only seems to work where people feel they have ownership of a pothole because it is close to their house. Holes in more public places seem to be going unreported and unrepaired. Sometimes these are the biggest holes!

Perhaps we should start an adopt a pothole scheme. Tonight I am going to take charge of the two potholes mentioned in my blog and report them to FixMyStreet. I'll let you know how things go.


vickim57 said...

Vicki comments on her own post:

Those potholes have been reported already. The small hole on Colindale Avenue is a new hole opening up in what was already an extensive repair.

The one in Golders Green Road has been reported a couple of times, it started out as a "Swiss cheese" - it was lots of smaller holes that have clearly now joined up.

Rog T said...


The ones in Millway were fixed within 2 days of my blog about them.

Funny that?