Friday, 19 November 2010

And not forgetting the libraries... protest tomorrow

I forgot (!) to include this event in my itinerary of important events this week. Yet it is possibly the most important... Please come if you can; well, at least sign the petition! Thanks.
Save our libraries
Saturday 20 November - 10.30-12 noon

Barnet Alliance for Public Services has organised a demonstration outside the surgery of Councillor Robert Rams. He is the architect of the Strategic Libraries Review that is likely to lead to cuts in the library service, and possible closure of libraries.

The demonstration is on Saturday 20 November from 10.30-12 noon at East Barnet library, 85 Brookhill Road, East Barnet, EN4. Please join us. The petition against library cuts has more than 3,000 signatures now. If you would like to sign online go to


LesDennis said...

I don't want to sound judgemental or anything cos it's brilliant that this happened...but it was the national Stop The War demonstration in London this day, surely people should not have to choose between 2 such important and connected struggles?

vickim57 said...

Hello, Les,

it probably was an unfortunate clash, but that's going to happen more and more. As it happened, one person did do both protests, but it would be a long day, I agree.