Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Firefighters take to the streets of Westminster

A very good natured demonstration and lobby by firefighters in Westminster today, supporting the campaign of their union, the FBU, against cuts to the fire service - nationwide. I missed the early speeches at the rally at Westminster Central Hall, but managed to snap Finchley firefighters outside afterwards.

A highlight of the day was an inpromptu march to Downing Street. Ian Leahair, London representative on the FBU national executive, made a speech calling on the government to stop washing its hands of the treatment of London firefighters by mayor Boris Johnson, and fire minister Bob Neill.

I daresay the only image that the Daily Mail might deign to print of today's events was of the moment when a confused Prince Phillip found himself inside his car caught up in the demonstration. It was all very good natured, whatever you might read elsewhere, although I'm sure there will be some members of the police and special branch getting a bollocking this evening.

Some more pics here.

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