Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Barnet and Camden

I just finally noticed that the initials B.C. stand both for Brian Coleman and for Barnet and Camden - the GLA constituency for which Coleman is the elected member (argh!).

I am henceforth going to refer to Coleman as Barnet and Camden. I hope he will be voted out in 2012, but I still think it is a good name for B.C., because it has a Cockney rhyming slang ring to it and that would infuriate him. It sums up the not-so-poshness of B.C.

It also reminds me of a sketch by the Two Ronnies, where two cleaning women play tunes on buckets and mops and so on. Half way in is a song called "Camden Town", based on an earlier, much more offensive song called "Chinatown". I love this sketch (and I'm also quite fond of... Camden Town).

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Mrs Angry said...

no no no, bad idea ... if you were a dedicated capitalist rather than a swivel eyed trot you would understand the concept of brand association: we want the voters of B&C to drop the idea that our consituency is his fiefdom, so logically Dismore should become Barnet & Camden. Or Coleman could be 'the member formerly known as Barnet & Camden'?