Thursday, 25 August 2011

So-called "fairer contributions" - action group formed

We had some speakers last night at the Barnet Alliance who are setting up a campaign around Barnet council's new "fairer contributions", ie, charging more people for adult social services.

To go by what we heard last night, if nothing else, the new policy is extremely confusing for people. Yet Barnet council is sending out demands for money - sometimes for the wrong amount - and people are frightened they must pay. Below is the notice about the new campaign.
“Fairer Contributions” action group for disabled people, dementia sufferers and their carers

ATTENTION all disabled people, dementia sufferers and carers in Barnet.

Join our new action group if you’re unhappy with the “Barnet New Fairer Contributions Policy”, with the lack of meaningful consultation, with having to now pay for services based on your ability to pay rather than need.

We intend to fight this inhuman policy with gusto, so contact us now and give us your support and help us to help you.

For more details email John Sullivan – – or Janet Leifer –

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