Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A box of chocolates

I seem to have had a box of chocolates perpetually on the go since Christmas. People bring them as gifts for a certain member of the household, who doesn't keep up, and I'm forced to eat them.

In this one, I'm finally down to the caramels and the hazelnuts (every other chocolate in a box of Milk Tray is a caramel or a hazelnut or, worst of all, a hazelnut in caramel).

Thankfully, this is only my penultimate box of chocolates - there is still a box of All Gold in the fridge waiting to be opened. Not bad going for mid-March.

Tonight I glance over to the right-hand side of my blog, at the appetisingly named blogroll, where I see that Mrs Angry is offering me "St Patrick's Day in Broken Barnet", and the Barnet Eye, Rog T, is offering me "Ed Miliband". Obviously, these are more delectable prospects than either a caramel or a hazelnut. Which shall I taste first?

My own humble offering this evening, as you can see, is merely a hazelnut in caramel. Ugh! Still, if you just shut your eyes and pop it in, it's gone quickly enough.


Mrs Angry said...

oy you cheeky woman - I like hazelnuts very much, so save all your cast off chocolates for me, and you can gorge yourself on all the soft centres ...

Mrs Angry said...

nice tags, btw