Thursday, 10 March 2011

Topple the Toads

I joined the parade of journalists visiting Saif Gaddafi's occupied Hampstead Garden Suburb house today.

The occupiers had had quite enough of visitors by the time I arrived, and promised me through a half-opened window that they would be answering press questions tomorrow (Friday) between 12 noon and 5pm. Inside I could see a lot of earnest young men lined up on the dictator's sofas, watching the rape of their country's hopes for freedom on Al Jazeera on the dictator's flatscreen TV. I hope things start going their way soon.

Like many people, I'm stunned by the response of Brian Coleman today who, according to the Times series, has called on Foreign Secretary William Hague (!) to "intervene" in Barnet and kick out the "squatters". Quite apart from the glaring inhumanity of his statements, isn't this a bit extreme?

The SAS on the lawns of Garden Suburb? I know Coleman's lost his patience with the residents lately, since they've been complaining about him putting up the CPZ fees, but really!

I read the remarks of the occupiers (originally dubbed "Topple the Tyrants") in the local press:
“Some people from Libya don’t have somewhere to live. A house worth this much could make a lot of homes for a lot of people."
Now I'm wondering whether anyone has the courage to set up a Topple the Toads group. On a smaller scale, surely Mr Coleman, on well over £100,000 a year plus expenses, doesn't need to live in a rent-controlled flat that could be used for people in genuine housing need.

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MickeyN said...

At least if the Council insists that it gets a full market rent for the Barnet Museum building we can take comfort from the fact that Mr Toad won't be living there!