Thursday, 26 May 2011

Robert Rams' instant rebuttal team swings into action - but first it finishes its cornflakes

In response to an article by the Times series about Saturday's large demonstration against the proposed closure of Friern Barnet library, Robert Rams is now quoted by the Times saying:
I don’t for one moment expect that there will be universal enthusiasm for any change.

None of the Friern Barnet petitioners have made contact with me, but I would be happy to meet with them. I’m very interested in hearing any proposals coming forward from residents and library users during consultation.
Two comments appear also:
james smyth, totteryridge says...
9:30am Thu 26 May 11
Well i think it is an excellant idea to close the libary if demand is not there. that way money that is wasted there can be redirected for the benefit of others.

why dont these people simply buy a kindle to read their books ?

If the properties are sold that will bring in more money. its a win win situation but these people dont "read between the lines"

educated, North West London says...
9:31am Thu 26 May 11
Of those 400 who attended the read-in at Friern Barnet library, I wonder how many go into a library regularly?
As well as being the proud owner of a blog, Rams now seems to have got himself an instant rebuttal team, erudite, well-heeled and with a sly sense of humour. He wishes.

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Mrs Angry said...

I wonder if Mr James Smyth of Totterydge (bit of an eighteenth century throwback?) might care to visit his local library, borrow a copy of 'Eats Shoots and Leaves' and improve his standard of literacy? Ah: hold on - Totteridge Library was sold off on an earlier Tory campaign of cuts, wasn't it?