Monday, 9 May 2011

Suffolk County Council halts its big outsourcing programme

A comment on the decision by Suffolk County Council to halt its "easyCouncil" style mass outsourcing programme, by Tony Travers of LSE, on the "Today" programme this morning. In summary: "I think they've decided they were going too far too fast."

I hope to transcribe this... if time allows (it probably won't so have a listen!).

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Don't Call Me Dave said...

No private company would ever agree to subcontract all its services in one fail swoop. There is an argument that some services could be better provided by the private and/or voluntary sector, but responsible organisations test the market gradually to make sure that there are adequate safeguards if (when?) things go wrong. Suffolk has come to its senses, albeit for political expediency. Sadly, Barnet is so detached from reality that it will probably carry on regardless of the consequences.