Monday, 20 June 2011

Brian Coleman's familiar

Looking at the pictures of my MP, Matthew Offord, at the weekend, with his dog Max, made me think of Eddie the dog and Martin from the sitcom "Frasier". There is another instance where one suspects that the pet is brighter than the owner.

If Offord is making the most of the Max the Dog storyline in order to boost his sagging profile, perhaps other Barnet politicians could try the same trick. I wonder which animal, for example, Brian Coleman might choose to soften his image and make himself seem more affable and approachable, more, erm, human.

A boa constrictor? Other suggestions welcome.


Rog T said...

Well we've had Brian the snail, but as we know poor old BC is really a homeless young waif, who lives in a sheltered home provided by the Methodist Church for those who can't afford accomodation. As such maybe he should adopt a slug, as it is the homeless version of the snail

Ron said...

god, this is hilarious! endless possibilities:

Dogging the commons?

May i remind the rt. hon MP that he is not allowed to table a poo?

Five months and nobody noticed?!!

Dominus rex in parliament?

I must protest, I was not the first to bring a pet! Incitatus was here as well!