Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Interesting CVs #1: All that glisters is not gold, Or: Will Richard Cornelius dump One Barnet?

The Times series today outlines the CVs of the three candidates for leader of Barnet's Conservative group and hence Barnet's next council leader.

Andrew Harper we know already, although I don't know what his day job is: deputy leader of the council perhaps. It attracts a pretty hefty allowance.

Mark Shooter is described as a "self-made millionaire, who plies his trade in the City". Sounds rather seedy, but then most things that happen in the City probably are.

The third candidate is described thus:
Totteridge resident and Hatton Garden Jeweller Cllr Cornelius will be able to rely on at least one vote, from his wife Cllr Alison Cornelius.
Let me stop you there! I shall eschew cheap gags about spousal loyalty and concentrate on Cornelius's profession. A Hatton Garden jeweller. Aha!

The only person in the Barnet council Cabinet who has ever, it seems to me, appeared sceptical about the claims made for Future Shape/One Barnet has been Richard Cornelius. Usually Cabinet members hammily ask rehearsed questions of the council leader or whoever is giving a report, so that their colleague can airily brush any possible objections to new policy aside. Whereas Richard Cornelius always sounded genuinely sour about One Barnet.

It could be the result of his professional training; he knows that all that glisters is not gold.

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Mrs Angry said...

How could you fail to notice the size of Andrew Harper's portfolio?

Shooter is I think a decent enough chap so probably stands out amongst the rest of the villains.

Cornelius is an oddity, like a Dickensian minor character. He does appear to be a One Barnet sceptic, however, so we have to pin our hopes on either of the last two.