Thursday, 27 August 2009

Passport to Cricklewood?

Utterly brilliant story here of how Cricklewood residents want to be part of Camden instead of Barnet.

This is what I've been thinking for a long time, that there are chunks of beautiful Barnet that Barnet council is just not interested in, except to squeeze more and more development into in order to meet various targets.

I'm actually not in favour of Cricklewood going, although I support their right to self-determination (Trot joke, there). I'm in favour of a west of the borough fightback to get Barnet to stop taking us for granted - or ignoring us altogether.

Deputy council leader Lynne Hillan's response to this political embarassment is typically and shamefully complacent:
"Recent surveys carried out by the council have shown us that 80 per cent of Barnet residents are satisfied with the borough as a place to live while satisfaction with the council is also above the London average.

"The council works hard to improve quality of life and engage with residents in every area, including Cricklewood.

"I invite those people who have signed the petition to let us know their concerns through one of our engagement channels or by meeting or calling their local councillors and we will do our best to address them."

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Don't Call Me Dave said...


Barnet Council was born from the amalgamation of the municipal borough councils of Finchley and Hendon, plus the Friern Barnet Urban District Council of Middlesex and the East Barnet Urban District and Barnet Urban District councils of Hertfordshire.

Big is not always best. If power is truly to be devolved to the people, then Barnet should revert to its constituent parts.