Thursday, 27 August 2009

Viv Todd takes her wardens message to Trafalgar Square

In spite of the persistent drizzle and excessive use of horn, I had a great time between 6-7pm in Trafalgar Square yesterday, Wednesday 26 August, when Viv Todd from Southwark took to the fourth plinth. See the video here.

Viv used most of her hour to talk about the sheltered housing warden cuts. We had a good turnout of supporters, including from Barnet. In fact, there was probably a wider range of organisations and groups involved than at previous protests. There were even some YOUNG PEOPLE there, who have set up a Facebook group to highlight the cuts.

Watching the video you can see that Viv got the message across very well, she was probably distracted by the fact that we couldn't hear her on the ground and kept shouting at her to talk louder! Tip for other plinthers: talk to yourself not the people on the ground - the cameras and microphones pick you up well (swearing included).

Viv also did a good job on breakfast TV taking on Imogen Parry, from ERoSH, which likes to pose as the voice of sheltered housing, but only represents the institutional interests of the providers, not of the residents. They are in favour of the floating support and hub plans.

There should be some good pics available soon. The next protest in Barnet is next week, on Tuesday 1st September. We will attend the Cabinet meeting - but have been debarred from putting any more questions on the issue for six months as we have already raised it! As if there could not be any more questions when, for example, the details of the floating support become known.

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