Sunday, 23 August 2009

A busy week ahead for the sheltered housing campaign

Panorama's "Gimme Shelter" programme this Monday 24 August, 8.30pm, BBC 1, has some interesting trails on the BBC website:

Fred O'Donnell: Back into battle
Vivian White on "Gimme Shelter"
Why elderly residents are fighting back: Vivian White inteviews Joe Oldman (good name!) of Age UK (the merged Age Concern and Help the Aged)

On Wednesday 26 August, 6-7pm, Viv Todd will be on the 4th plinth in Trafalgar Square and will use her time to address the issue of cuts to sheltered housing wardens. A number of us are going down to support her. Join us from 5.30pm.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Vik

I am getting incensed responses to Imogen Parry's response to SHUK on BBC Breakfast who intimated
that there were numbers in Sheltered Housing who did not want a Warden. SHUK response on the spot was ' well what are they doing in Sheltered Housing then ?'

Of course there will always be one or two who have become misplaced but they should really get them selves on a waiting list for a more suitable property to move into. As it stands there are many people in Sheltered Housing who do require a Warden and rely upon the Warden. To remove the Wardens because a couple of people object to paying for the service would be a crime against the vulnerable

The Sheltered Housing UK Association
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