Sunday, 13 September 2009

Stick up for thorns in the side of the establishment!

Congratulations to Roger Tichborne for his victory against Barnet mayor Brian Coleman. I haven't done justice to Roger's triumph because I've been having a difficult time at home, too dreary to detail. But it really cheered me up this evening to read all about Roger's victory on his blog (look for the other posts on this as well).

Another thorn in the side of the complacent Tory councillors of Barnet (and other local authorities and parties) is Yvonne Hossacks, who has won a stay of execution for Barnet's sheltered housing wardens. She faces a Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal next week, following complaints made against her by various councils. Sheltered housing residents in Barnet who have benefited from Yvonne's support in their campaign to save their wardens have written this letter asking for people to go and support her:

Solicitor Yvonne Hossacks needs your help at Court Tribunal


Dear Tenants,

Solicitor Yvonne Hossacks is being taken to court by several councils who want her struck off for trying to save the wardens. The reasons are

1) Improperly encouraging clients to court politicians and media
2) Not acting in the client’s best interests
3) Making too many time consuming and costly applications to the councils

All ridiculous, I hope you agree!

The Tribunal is on the 14th, 15th and 16th September at 3rd Floor, Gate House, 1 Farringdon Street EC4M 7NS.

There will be a protest at the court to support Yvonne each morning from 9-9.30am to let the court know how much we appreciate what she is doing for us. We cannot provide transport, but hope you will be able to attend the protest.

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs Betty Martin,
Co Chairperson,
UK Pensioners Strategy Committee,

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Rog T said...


Whatever I've done, what Yvonne does is a million times more important. Having sat in a Standards hearing listening to my reputation being trashed by a top lawyer, I can empathise with Yvonne Hassocks. the difference was that I won't be deprived of my livelyhood, it was just unpleasant. I've been too wrapped up in my own little world this week to give any thought to Yvonne (shame on me). I came out of the hearing feeling fairly battered and bruised and thinking "maybe everyone thinks I'm a dickhead" as bad things were said that I was not allowed to refute. Then the phone started ringing, then the texts started arriving and then I read the emails & the blogs.

All of that made me realise I was right to take on Coleman. That is why it is so important we support Yvonne, we need the strength of our friends to sustain us. She deserves support a million times more than I did.