Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Nudge me, shape me, anyway you want me... now, how about YOU collecting my rubbish, educating my children, and getting off my back?

Some of you will remember that instantly forgettable song 'Bend me, shape me' by Amen Corner. Even I remember it!

Barnet council leader Mike Freer, in his endless quest for publicity, and not satisfied with merely being notorious for Future Shape and easyCouncil, has got yet another media outlet interested in another piece of gimmickry, this time, the council's experiements in nudge (using social psychology techniques to get Barnet residents to change their behaviour) and 'place-shaping' (I still need that explaining to me).

The BBC news website today has a piece called 'Can politicians shape our behaviour?' to introduce a programme at 8pm on Radio 4 - "Persuading us to be good" (repeated on Sunday at 5pm - I'll catch it then).

I'm not much given to quoting from scripture, but the phrase 'physician, heal thyself' springs to mind whenever I hear Freer starting to talk about other people's behaviour. Read the trailer article here.


Don't Call Me Dave said...

The programme is available on "Listen Again"


The section about Barnet is 20 mins into the broadcast.

baarnett said...

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