Thursday, 24 September 2009

Times readers think Brian Coleman should not be Barnet's mayor

The online poll being conducted by Times newspapers in the wake of Brian Coleman's standards sub-committee defeat shows readers overwhelmingly opposed to him continuing as Barnet's mayor. Among nearly 600 voters, 81% say he should not continue, 15% think he should, and 4% think he should but only if he apologises for his misdeed.

These results are more grist to the mill in which Coleman's political reputation, deservedly, is being ground to dust. And the poll is still open... vote here!


Rog T said...


Coleman's standards complaint pales into insignificance next to BNP Richard Barnbrooks. Yet again the process is shown to be totally toothless. Personal vanity makes me cross with Barnet & Coleman, but the non punishment by the GLA of Barnbrook makes me feel sick.

However much we dislike Coleman for his multiplicity of trivial foibles, I'd happily have let him off completely if Barnbrook had've been sacked.

Banrbrook's punishment for telling porkies to incite racial hatred
Greater London Authority

1. Formal Censure
2. Requirement to apologise on the GLA website and on his personal blog
3. submit to training on ethics and standards in public life

Barking and Dagenham

1. Suspension for one calendar month without pay
2. Requirement to apologise
3. Failure to apologise leading to indefinite suspension

We've got to always be mindfull that some people are silly and rather annoying, whilst some are pure evil. Let's keep our sights on the big threat.

vickim57 said...

I hear what you're saying, Roger. But I would argue that in fact the two cases are intimately linked.

When people think the 'political class' is corrupt and out-of-touch, they stay at home on election day, allowing the likes of Barnbrook to get in. Or, worse, they go to the polls and vote for him.